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Boost your productivity gives you access to hassle-free search of 14,000+ icons. It has never been this easy to find every icons you need for your projects.

Browse and Collect icons

Make your personal icon database where you can manage all your projects in one place. Easily browse categorized icons and assign them to your project.

Organize your icon assets

Just pick any icon from’s collection and organize it for your current or future projects. You just need a browser for all this.

Browse, Collect and Manage your icons in a simple interface is an icon management tool. It lets you sort your icons, manage your icon collections and make your icons searchable by adding tags to them. In addition to collection, you can generate PNGs, SVGs and other formats in any size and color you wish.

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    Over 14,000 icons

    Over 14,000 icons just isn't enough choice for some projects. Categorization made it easy for you to search the icon that you need.

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    You can preview icon in different sizes and different colors.

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    Quickly & easily download the icons by colors of your choices. Supported export: SVG, CSH, EPS, PNG, PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, AI, and Webfont


You can find most of the icons you need.

Easily browse categorized icons and add them to your project collection.

What's in it for you?

No more time wasted looking for the right icon.
With you can easily manage and export perfect icons for
web and mobile applications in no time.

Focus on your icons

With simplicity being our main goal, you are able to focus your attention on which icons best suit your projects. As you capture the attention of your audience, we help to give your icons the best personal touches.

No experience needed

Absolutely no code or design experiences needed. Browse, collect and download icons in the collection. Set up a webfont for your project less than 1 minutes.

Built for ease of use

Built for ease of use with simple yet intuitive user interface, This includes a better keyboard support and accompanied by fully illustrated help guide.

Fast and on the cloud

Built for light weight clients. Even for countries with limited bandwidth, the content is delivered at an incredible speed.

Color customization

Customize your own color to create new and unique icons each time for your different projects.

Multi platform

We've got you covered with multiplatforms support. This includes Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS/Android Mobile, IE and Windows Browser.

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